Bench Lathe D250x550G

Stolní soustruh na kov D250x550G Master Line

Swing over bed: 250mm
Distance between centers: 550mm
Spindle: MK4/26mm
Tailstock: MK2
Power: 750W/400V

39 490,00 Kč

Milling-Drilling Machine ZAY7030FG

Stolní frézka na kov ZAY7030FG Master Line

Table: 700x180mm
Spindle: MK3
Spindle speed: 95-1420 1/min (6 speeds)
Power: 750W/400V
Weight: 170/200kg
6 speed mechanical gearbox

44 990,00 Kč

Bench Lathe D280x700

Stolní soustruh na kov D280x700 Master Line

Swing over bed: 280mm
Distance between centers: 700mm
Spindle: MK4/26mm
Tailstock: MK2
Power: 850W/400V

50 990,00 Kč

Milling Machine ZX-50C 

Vyvrtávací frézka na kov ZX-50C Master Line

Table: 800(1000)x240mm
Spindle: MK4
Spindle speed: 115-1750 1/min
Power: 1500W/400V
Weight: 470/550kg
8 speed mechanical gearbox

73 990,- Kč

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