Machinery Adjustment


We offer precision adjustment of new or older machines upon request. The machine is disassembled to functional units or pieces, checked, modified and/or re-grinded or scraped if need by to the best possible precision. It means in case of lathe, we grind bottom sliding surfaces on the bed, contact surfaces on headstock (to set up the headstock parallel with bed), sliding surfaces of tailstock (parallel with bed too), sliding surfaces of cross slide (perpendicularly to bed), sliding surfaces of compound, contact surfaces of toolpost. In case of milling machine, we straighten table slide (top clamping side if need by), grind sliding surfaces of cross slide, guides on base, on column, contact surface on headstock, all perpendicular to the table. We also grind dovetail wedges. Some examples follows:  


Grinding of bottom contact surfaces of base Dovetail grinding

The base is finished

Set up of headstock before grinding
Regrinded contact surface on headstock Headstock slide dovetail grinding
Regrinded contact surface of headstock slide Regrinded guide of column
Regrinded contact curface of column Table dovetail grinding

Table dovetail grinding