Rotary tables - comparison

Comparison of rotary tables

We offer wide range of rotary tables. They are TS, TS(A), TSL types - depending on working position. There are other rotary tables on the market too, like RT, HV and so on. Both kind of models TS, TS(A), TSL or RT, HV are easy to recognize in order to their design.

Let's go to discover some design differences. We have rotary tables TSL160 (160mm, at the bottom on pictures) and HV6 (150, at the top on pictures) for comparison.


On the first sight there is evident more well worked-out and sturdy of TSL160.

The worm of TSL160 is made from steel, module 1.5mm. The worm of HV6 is made from cast iron, module 1mm. Both worms have slide bearing in eccentric sleeve for possibility of play adjustment.

The worm in TSL160 is axially fixed by two KM nuts with hardened steel washer. HV6 table doesn't have this washer. The worm is fixed by soft steel nut only, this nut is locked with two small screws. This solution doesn't provide accurate perpendicularity of front surface of the nut.

We can see much bigger diameter of worm wheel TSL160. It is because of bigger gear module (1.5mm vs. 1mm). The gear ratio of both tables is the same. Thanks to bigger worm gear in TSL160, there are 50% smaller forces in the gears. Moreover, those smaller forces affect 50% bigger gears, so total load on TSL160 is more than 2x smaller - and lifespan of this table should be much bigger.

There is a MT sleeve in the TSL160 table. This sleeve is made from hardened steel, pressed in and locked by screws. Table HV6 doesn't have that sleeve, there is MT made directly in soft cast iron.

Rotary table TSL160 is much more robust (it's weight is bigger, too). We can see a different design of strenghten brakes. HV6 has outside brakes. TSL160 has inside brakes controlled by an eccentric shaft. So all dirt and chips remains off the brake. 


The last picture shows different scales on hand wheels. Scale at TSL160 is about two times bigger and it is more precise - the division is 1' vs. 2' on HV6.

At conclusion there is evident why are rotary tables TS, TS(A) and TSL (usually) more expensive than HV, RT. They are more robust, better manufactured, more complex and made from high-grade materials.